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ProGait | Gait Analysis
Gait Analysis from Pro Gait Gait Analysis and Orthotics from Progait. Our video gait analysis is carried out by expert podiatrists in biomechanics.
Custom Made Orthotics Are you about to take up a new sport, increase your training, change your activities? Custom Made OrthoticsSports Podiatry Sports Podiatry Our Sports podiatrists are experienced in working with runners, footballers, from amateurs to elite. We understand your need to get back to your game. Medical Gait Analysis Our complete gait analysis and biomechanical assessment includes 4 sided slow motion video treadmill analysis, pressure plate analysis and a functional assessment by a Podiatrist. Medical Gait Analysis
Gait Analysis for athletes Gait Analysis for athletes We have carried out gait analysis on athletes from all corners of the world - our gait analysis software is state of the art leaving no motion un-captured.
Prevent Future Injury ProGait podiatrists, as experts of the foot and ankle can make custom made orthotics on site while you wait. We can make them to fit virtually any shoe. Prevent Future Injury
Video Gait Analysis and orthopeadic teadmill Video Gait Analysis and orthopeadic teadmill We use state of the art motion analysis software, and hand built orthopaedic treadmills which allow you to run with a natural motion.

Video Gait Analysis

Video analysis has the benefit of allowing us to slow down time, freeze time and repeat time. Our state of the art software allows us to take measurement, track anatomical locations, ghost image layers and much more. Capturing your gait from all 4 sides gives the picture you need to analyse your gait.

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Pressure Plate Analysis

Pressure plates can be used to measure the forces running through your feet as you walk, run or stand.



ProGait, It’s so much more than just Gait Analysis

ProGait is so much more than gait analysis that you may have encountered on the high street. High street analysis is a vital tool in determining the right type of shoe for new runners, and is widely accepted to help guide people into a good shoe for them. ProGait is an in-depth analysis by Health Professionals (Senior Podiatrists and Physiotherapists) with vast experience of treating athletes and the common injuries they suffer from. It uses state of the art equipment to take accurate measurements of movement and pressure, giving technical information to inform clinical decisions by your assessor. From this information you can receive advice which is unique to you, your running history, your gait style, your injury history and your running goals.